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Looking for a way to better manage your volunteers or subject matter experts (SMEs)? Check out lineup®, a simple, easy-to-use online tool associations use for building the most diverse, engaged and productive teams possible. Using the platform simplifies a traditionally manual, spreadsheet process and helps you better understand which talent combination makes each team most successful.



1401 H St, NW Suite 500
Washington, District of Columbia 20005 United States


BUILD a team by importing or entering data about your volunteers or SMEs. Add searchable tags or custom talent attributes. Next, create a team – name it and identify type and number of positions. Then search and filter on specific traits, filling each position with the exact talent needed. MEASURE performance of your team using lineup’s starred feedback and rating system. Document strengths and weaknesses, track leadership and evaluate effectiveness. LEARN from your team’s experience. Identify trends so you can make informed improvements and balance the attributes of the whole team to achieve the best outcomes. For more information, visit


Lineup for SME Management

Lineup for SME Management

Are you a test publisher who wants to better engage your subject matter experts and improve the quality of your test items? Curating diverse collaborations will help increase SME satisfaction and productivity. Here’s how lineup can help.




Lineup helps New York association for middle market deal-making professionals save time when managing their volunteers and committees