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Agilutions has been serving the AMS Community since 2005. We are “NetFORUM Know-It-Alls” and offer expertise in Implementing NetFORUM Enterprise™, Supporting technical and business needs of organizations using NetFORUM including: Upgrade Management, Configurations and Customizations, Data Conversion,Third-Party Integrations, Requirements Gathering and Gap Analysis There is no netFORUM task too large, too small, or too complex. We have experience taking the most outdated or troublesome of systems and moving them seamlessly to netFORUM. We Get NetFORUM. We Also Get Certification. Assembling a recognized credentialing program is no small feat. Agilutions will help you identify the best way to grow and support your credentialing needs. We understand the complexities and challenges that come with managing your certification program and want to help!



1425 Market Street Suite 215
Denver, Colorado 80202 United States
Phone: 806.781.2078


Our team of certification experts can help you break down your processes to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies. We re-engineer a more efficient certification program by deconstructing then reassembling these processes. We’ll closely review your detailed requirements and use technology to reinforce those essential steps. Next, we find ways to make your staff more efficient, and give your applicants tools and resources at their fingertips. We have a passion for certification. Our years of experience creating seamless integrations and workflows have transformed basic certification requirements into powerful and robust certification programs.

All organizations collect and store data. Some have found more secure and efficient ways of doing so by employing the robust functionality of an Association Management System (AMS). netFORUM Enterprise™ is Community Brands’ industry-leading AMS. It was built on proven best practices from decades of experience with leading associations and other membership-based organizations. This out-of-the-box member management software has everything you need to optimize each stage of the membership lifestyle. Included are specialized tools and features to streamline your operation.

There are many attractive and feature-rich technologies on the market today. You want and need many of them to support your mission. Count on us to help you manage your third-party integrations with ease. netFORUM Enterprise™ and the Credentialing Engine™ are both highly-configurable solutions that we can customize to integrate and play nice with most-third-party systems. Integrations can Improve Your Organization’s Performance: • Learning Management Systems (LMS) • Event Management Systems • Content Management Systems • Digital Badging • Exam Administration Vendors

We invest in your success from day one. Our goal is to understand your needs better than you do. Then, we deliver practical solutions that let you spend less time on day-to-day technology challenges and more time advancing your mission. Yes, we have technical and certification expertise. But our solutions coaches also have a heart — and a passion for innovation. It is very gratifying to advance your organization’s mission, so we offer customized software solutions to: • Solve your tough and unique business challenges • Streamline your internal processes • Help you be more member-focused


Agilutions Lifecycle of a Certificant

Agilutions Lifecycle of a Certificant

Gain a 360-Degree View of Your Certificant The Credentialing Engine™ provides applicant and certification staff clear and easy views to monitor where each person stands in their certification process. Access to this information at the click of a button supports your staff’s communications with applicants and certificants, and also gives them the ability to easily identify those who might be stalled-out in the process. By providing this information online, your applicants and certificants can easily self-monitor their status, and see what information is needed for their application or maintenance cycle.




We love working with Agilutions. They respond very quickly and are able to help us with all things netFORUM, from setup to eWeb enhancements. They’re always willing to troubleshoot with us, and they have a wealth of ‘best practice’ knowledge that we can use!" Rhoda Chari Senior Manager, Membership Services and Database Administrator




Agilutions is one of my favorite vendor partners. I consider them a strategic asset to my association. They embrace our objectives as their own and work side-by-side with us to achieve them. They are uncommonly quick at understanding business processes and have the unique ability to persistently and gently persuade end users to accept improvements” to business process and system changes. They don’t believe in accepting ‘but that’s the way we’ve always done it.’ Their deep knowledge of netFORUM and credentialing has been invaluable to us. On top of it all, they are just great people to work with—they possess excellent communication skills, listen to our needs, are funny and calming, have the highest degree of integrity and are darned nice." Mike Guerrieri Information Technology Director