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  Jim Scott

  2850 E. 29th Street
Long Beach, California 90806 United States

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ACOM gives organizations the power to automate their entire AP cycles to eliminate manual paper-based processing; achieving greater transparency and control over spending and the procurement process. Operated directly from MIP screens, users are able to capture, approve and pay their invoices from our secure platform to optimize efficiency, lower costs, improve cash management and their financial decision-making. Our Intelligent Payment Hub also integrates with any 3rd party automation solution utilized.



2850 E. 29th Street
Long Beach, California 90806 United States
Phone: 866-798-6747


ACOM’s paperless payment solution is unparalleled, transforming your AP processing from a manually intensive strain to a completely automated business payment solution. One secure payment hub that handles all of your vendor payment types. We take on the burden of paying your supplier payments and you become 100% paperless on the first day. Key Features & Benefits: • Accurate invoice processing in less time and with fewer human resources • No invoice lost or paid twice • 24/7 visibility of invoice status • Seamless workflow integration • Full document management platform • Complete processing of vendor/supplier payments of any type via the ACOM Payment Hub