Tribal D, Inc.

  William Farr

  PO Box 120
Morgan, Utah 84050 United States

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Partner Description:

The mission of Tribal D™ is to provide technology and services that help manage the most critical aspects of Native American tribal governance: Revenue, People and Communities, Natural Resources, Heritage, Assets, Public Services, and Enterprises. We believe that with augmented management approaches and pertinent data for decision support, Tribal self-determination objectives can be met. By working directly with Indian Tribes’ management teams, and gleaning methods from the latest productivity and governmental program execution models, like those of the Department of Defense, Tribal D™ developed an integrated database model in an unprecedented off-the-shelf software system, named TribeVue™ to drive productivity across all Tribal departments.



PO Box 120
Morgan, Utah 84050 United States
Phone: 801-458-5900


TribeVue™ provides tools to better inventory, track and manage all assets within one system. This approach supports integrated ‘views’ into Tribal resources and assets to increase productivity to support Tribal autonomy goals.