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  Aliyah Jessa
  1 (800) 585-9694

  5160 Decarie Boulevard Suite 502
Montreal, Quebec H3X 2H9 Canada

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Simply Voting Inc. is headquartered in Montreal, Canada with a field office in Iowa. We currently have eleven employees and service more than 2000 customers. We are a full-service provider of the most secure and cost-effective, hosted online elections. Over 2000 organizations such as municipalities, universities, unions and many not-for-profits rely on Simply Voting for safely executing their elections. We are an agile company and our voting system is constantly evolving with technology and security innovations. Many reputable third parties have audited our product, technical infrastructure, and corporate infrastructure. These audits confirm that Simply Voting possesses the integrity and security which we promise.



5160 Decarie Boulevard Suite 502
Montreal, Quebec H3X 2H9 Canada
Phone: 1 (800) 585-9694


With YourMembership, Simply Voting is now integrated to make voting easier for member and administrators alike. Simply Voting has implemented three key features of the YourMembership integration. Feature 1: Single Sign On. Voters won't need to have their credentials emailed to them, but can log into their YM portal and access their ballot there. Feature 2: Member data pull. This feature allows administrators to import their member/elector list directly from YM into Simply Voting. No messy data. No risk of security breach. Feature 3: Member vote notification. With this feature, administrators won't need to leave YM to know if a voter has cast their ballot. It will update in the member's profile.

Simply Voting is the most secure and cost-effective online voting solution available. We deliver the flexibility, simplicity and personal guidance that organizations need to ensure mission critical elections are flawlessly executed. By running elections on our platform your voters will feel confident that their votes are processed by a neutral 3rd party and in a transparent manner thanks to our unique voter-verified audit trail. You can count on our support team as part of your staff, always available to make sure things are running smoothly


Simply Voting Demo - Standard Authentication

Simply Voting Demo - Standard Authentication

Using Simply Voting, voters can easily access their ballots, learn about their candidates, make their selections, and cast their vote with a few clicks. All votes are secure and anonymous. All tabulations are auditable. Simply Voting makes your annual board election safe, transparent, and convenient.