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People are the keys to success for your nonprofit organization today. Nonprofits face more Talent Management challenges than any other industry. You need staff and volunteers who understand the values of your cause, nurture your donor relationships, and whom you can trust to drive your mission to new heights. It takes great people to help people. Your nonprofit's Talent Management strategy is vital to ensuring your organization's mission success. Why Visibility Software? Visibility Software has been helping nonprofits achieve great talent outcomes for over 23 years through process engineering combined with great HR tech. We provide specialized solutions for Recruiting, Onboarding, Training, and Insights for Nonprofits that integrate with Abila and several other Community Brands solutions.



1215 Friend St.
Newberry, South Carolina 29108 United States
Phone: (803) 597-2020


We understand today’s HR leaders carry a heavy load. We’ve spent 20+ years helping HR leaders like you improve recruiting, onboarding and training management outcomes through process engineering combined with great HR tech. Visibility Software is here to help you stop feeling overburdened, so you can get back to leading the way. As your HR solution partner, we will solve your challenges in hiring, training, and retaining your most talented employees. Ultimately, our goal is to help you optimize your processes so you can spend more time focused on finding and growing your company’s talent.

Learn more about Visibility Software's talent acquisition and onboarding solutions to help achieve better recruiting and employee engagement outcomes,

Let’s face it, it is more difficult than ever to find, nurture, and retain talent. Factors such as a shrinking workforce, for-profit and other nonprofits competing against you for talent, and not having a formal talent management strategy are creating headaches. As part of your talent management strategy you have to provide talent with great experiences so they want to come work for you, stay engaged with their work and your mission, and remain with your organization for a long time. This is what creates successful hiring, onboarding, training, and retention outcomes that will ensure success. This page contains some insightful resources that will lay the foundation for your talent management strategy to create better outcomes and help you reach your nonprofit mission.

Visibility Software HR insight Solutions delivers metrics for management and insight into human capital ROI. You no longer have to spend hours measuring your data. Easily gather key historical information on hiring, onboarding, and training to measure talent management success. Simplify the complexities of hiring, onboarding, and training with the intelligence to make critical staffing decisions that maximize productivity for your whole organization.