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Nucleus is the first data analysis platform purpose-built for associations and nonprofits. Nucleus simplifies your data by centralizing, blending, and displaying it, allowing your whole team to see the full picture and make better business decisions. Nucleus analyzes data from any source, including your AMS, LMS, CRM, event management system, email platform, Google Analytics, and more. Finally, your whole team can access the reports they want, when they need them, available 24/7 on any device!



625 North Washington Street, Suite 310
Alexandria, Virginia 22314 United States


625 N. Washington St. #310
Alexandria, Virginia 22314 United States
Phone: 571.357.6262


The innovative Nucleus SaaS platform enables organizations of all sizes and types to quickly and easily make decisions based on real-time data analytics. Nucleus was built for donor and member-based organizations and offers prebuilt system integration connectors to essential technologies and visualization suites. Users of Nucleus can see a full 360-degree view of constituent engagement across their organizational data, anywhere and from any device. Current subscribers have increased revenue, optimized product offerings, enhanced event attendance and improved financial visibility by using the Nucleus platform.

NetForum is a powerful Association Management System (AMS) and Gravitate has decades of combined experience customizing it into exactly what you need it to be. Your organization will work with one of Gravitate’s NetForum architects or project consultants, trained by Founder and CEO Tim Ward, who was the chief architect of NetForum. Let Gravitate help you solve your greatest challenges and maximize your technology investment.

Gravitate has completed multiple Nimble AMS implementation projects and currently supports large and small clients with their Nimble and Salesforce support needs. We are a valued Community Brands partner who have experience working with all aspects of the Nimble platform, including: baseline and complex configurations, Community Hub, Nimble Create, Nimble Fuse, Lightning UI, APEX coding, Process Builders, and Flows. Contact us directly to find out more about ways we can help you maximize your Nimble experience!

Team with Gravitate’s certified Salesforce® staff to build out your association or nonprofit’s CRM, or to augment your AMS. Our Salesforce® offering helps you develop a powerful sales and marketing tool that allows your team to maximize revenue generation opportunities and streamline your membership outreach efforts.

Sell registrations, memberships, merchandise, publications and subscriptions at your events with Gravitate’s easy-to-use, mobile point-of-sale product, Zurich. Take Zurich onsite with you at your organization’s next event and seamlessly register attendees on-site, sell merchandise, renew memberships, check-in attendees and print badges, and accept charitable donations on-the-fly. And everything will seamlessly appear in your netFORUM database after the show. No need to rekey any info!


Nucleus Analytics Product Video

Nucleus Analytics Product Video

Nucleus is the first data aggregation and analysis platform built specifically for associations that connects and aggregates data from disparate sources, ...